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We build reliable mini trailers that are talented and devoted companions for all your adventures. Whether it's open-air festivals and concerts, off-roading, rallies, family weekend trips, hunting and fishing, ski marathon trails, or surfing activities – Wild Cat is by your side in all your journeys for years and years.


Elmia, Sweden.
Camp Villmark, Norway

Outdoor Riga, Latvia.
Baltic Motor Show, Latvia.

About us

We are an enthusiastic family company, engaged in the car tuning business for around 20 years. The first model of our camper was built 5 years ago. Since then, we have created more than 100 durable and robust companions for lovers of true freedom and pure joy. Based in Riga, we sell Wild Cat to all European countries. Famed explorers and well-known athletes trust us for their wild travels.

This portable caravan embodies an off-road romantic spirit and is fully devoted to you. Wherever you go, it always gives you a cozy and warm feeling of home. It features a comfortable, spacious sleeping area, a functional kitchen, large storage sections, and a work area for your laptop. Everything you need in your adventures is effectively on hand, ready to serve you.

Wild Cat is designed for your love, your needs, and your adventures. It is waterproof, dry, and warm in every season, with an option to be completely off-grid and run for several days on solar energy. When well taken care of, even your kids will be able to travel with their own children using the same Wild Cat Camper.

Meet your Wild Cat


€11 000
A practical model both for asphalt and off-road use.


€16 500
Outings and picnics can be comfortable all year round.


€19 500
Absolutely everything you need to enjoy your adventures.

or camping box

€1 777
You can turn your minibus into a wonderful, multifunctional motorhome by adding our Camping Box to the interior. It includes an organizer and a sleeping area with a mattress.


Takes up little space, easy to maneuver

Light, firm, economical while driving

Fits B - license and any type of car

Comfortable bed with wooden slats

Waterproof, dry and warm every season

Plenty of options to add to your model

A companion like Wild Cat makes everything easier. It will take you to every place your car can go. With Wild Cat you can even stay near the lake, sea, or river, where large caravans and motorhomes never come.

Just unhook and pick a suitable place where you like to sleep to the grasshoppers’ melodies or listen to the calming sound of the surf.

Your Wild Cat fits everywhere and doesn’t ask for a season. It adapts to your wishes and provides you with wonderful rest. At some point, you’ll genuinely wonder how you ever had vacations without it.

Frequently Asked Question

The camper has enough sleeping space for 3 people - two adults and a child. You can also add a tent on the roof, which will increase the number of sleeping places. To protect from the sun, you can use a marquis, under which possible to place camping furniture.

If model is in stock you can come to us in Riga and get it or we may help you with the delivery to your country. If model is out of stock, then you should make an order, make prepayment 60 % of the price according to the purchase agreement and to wait for your camper up to 3 month, depending on the chosen model.

Our campers are build from sandwich panels that are thermo-efficient and can keep the warm air inside even when the temperature goes well below zero. Comfort and Maximum Model also have powerful diesel heater, which gently heats the air inside the camper.

All Models have ventilation hatch in the ceiling and additional ventilation on the 2 sides of the camper for air exchange. The side window as well as the main door can be opened for ventilation, so most of our customers don’t need additional ventilation or air conditioning.

The Latvian company SIA Flints Baltica provides a 24 –months warranty for their trailers starting from the date of sale. If the trailer has not been used according to the user instructions, reclamations won’t be accepted. The warranty covers the elimination of manufacturing defects, including the replacement of parts or basic construction units.


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